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  • 1 September, 2018

Why theses Expenses spent in Global Port Yard?

Freight forwarders in Burundi often faced difficults to understand the rationale behind certain expenses on services in the Port of Bujumbura that are often passed on to taxpayers, without latter expressing the need. A container that invariably reaches us from the North or Center corridors that enters through the border posts, Gasenyi, Kobero, Kanyaru haut, seems to be competing with the parking Area Station or the Port of Bujumbura. This situation remains more or less confusing from the moment the parking fees are a little different depending on cases.

For example a truck reported at the Bujumbura -Port, Global Port’s services such as the toll & weighbridge process, handling container full-empty, loaded etc ,. Intervene imperatively while another positioned at parking Area Station (GareRoutière) , may not be struck by these costs. The customs authority that is being questioned here should make the necessary clarifications on this subject, because in case of positioning a truck at Bujumbura port if this would be motivated by the need to scan the contents of the container, what would it be once the container would be scanned from the Kobero border post and consigned to Parking Area Station?  Some taxpayer enter in favors set from procedures flaws, without even knowing it.

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